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The JOHNSWOOD, composed of Hong Jin-wook (vocal, guitar, planning), Jeon Jun-eon (base, producer), Kim Jin-hyeon (keyboard, design), and Shin Go-san (drum), pursues a variety of alternative music and values building its own identity by directly implementing planning, production, design, and stage art. Starting with the first single to be released, a full-length album is being produced, and music and artwork to be shown in a total of four singles will be released to the public as a single narrative through the full-length album and future activities.

The JOHNSWOOD's first single, Middle of Desire, is about the process of longing to "get out of a lot of anxiety and pain," and "forget memories that make me anxious and painful," and the idea that life is already motivated and meaningful just by being in the midst of longing through that desperate attempt and loss.

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